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I am a dedicated and enthusiastic Embedded Systems Engineer with hands-on expertise in various microcontrollers, including Atmel | Microchip ATmega328P, ATmega2560, Espressif ESP32, ESP8266, as well as STM F4 and L4. Additionally, I have experience with Raspberry Pi platforms, including Zero and 4B, and possess a robust hardware knowledge base.

Currently, I serve as an Embedded Platform (GET) at MBit Wireless Pvt Ltd., where I bring valuable experience in microcontroller programming and device driver development, particularly in hardware communication protocols such as UART and Shared Peripheral DMA for slow-speed hardware communication.

My professional journey includes significant involvement in embedded hardware and PCB designing, gained through a start-up project incubated in the Atal Incubation Centre - PECF, sponsored by AICTE & MOE Innovation Cell. This initiative focused on developing a women’s safety watch, an SOS device.

I am dedicated to expanding my knowledge, advancing my career, and applying my skills to contribute to challenging projects in the field of Embedded Systems.


  • Oct 2023 – Present: Embedded Platform - GET @ MBit Wireless Pvt. Ltd. in Chennai
    • Actively advancing Embedded C programming skills as an intern, primarily focused on designing and debugging embedded systems drivers.
    • Specializing in the development of UART and Shared Peripheral DMA device drivers for embedded systems, and seamless collaboration with RTL SOC and verification teams during design and testing phases.
    • Proficiently utilizing Linux servers and SVN for efficient version control and collaborative development processes in the field of embedded systems.
    • Contribute significantly to both unit and integrated testing on FPGA/ASIC boards, ensuring comprehensive validation of driver functionality in real hardware environments for embedded systems.
    • Apply a proactive problem-solving approach to troubleshoot technical issues within embedded systems, demonstrating a commitment to resolving challenges.
    • Play a pivotal role in the ongoing development and refinement of embedded systems device drivers, with a focus on prioritizing reliability and stability in the embedded systems landscape.
  • Mar 2022 – Mar 2023: Electronic Design & Firmware Development - Intern @ Atal Incubation Centre PEC Foundation in Puducherry
    • This internship laid a solid foundation for my role as a junior embedded system engineer, providing hands-on experience in project leadership and innovation.
    • Successfully implemented a POC using Raspberry Pi Zero with a Ublox NEO6M GPS and a Simcom SIM7600 LTE module.
    • Transitioned smoothly from POC to prototype, designing and prototyping a device with ESP32S3 MCU and Quectel BG600L-M3 LTE GNSS module, showcasing expertise in embedded hardware and PCB design.
    • Advanced the project by developing a universal PCB schematic for the Quectel BG600L-M3 LTE GNSS module, ensuring compatibility with any MCU.
    • Explored the STM32 L4 MCU, MIPI DSI, and CSI interfaces as part of a comprehensive plan for integrating the STM32 L4 MCU into the project’s next phase, providing valuable insights and recommendations for advancement before concluding my internship.


  • 2020 – 2023: B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering – Puducherry, India

  • 2017 – 2020: Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering – Puducherry, India

Technical & Soft skills

  • Programming Languages: Embedded C/C++, Python, Verilog
  • Hardware Platforms: Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, STM32, Sensors & Actuators
  • Communication Protocols: UART, SPI, I2C
  • Software Tools: VSCode (PlatformIO), STM32CubeIDE, Altium Designer, Xilinx ISE 14.7, Onshape/Fusion 360
  • Soft Skills: Problem Solving, Self-learning, Presentation, Adaptability


  • Areas of Interest: Embedded Systems, VLSI
  • Hobbies: Mobile & Laptop Hardware/Software Servicing, Circuit Troubleshooting, Gadgets Servicing, DIY Gadgets


  • Tamil (native)
  • English (professional proficiency)